A-Grade Quality: We always, always, always, only ever use A-Grade ingredients from highly reputable suppliers who we’ve made sure adhere to the highest industry standards.

Absolute Freshness: Both in ingredients and the finished product. Everything you get from us is freshly prepared always!

Specialist Production Processes and Scheduling Systems: We’ve used our decade-long experience in the industry to develop our own unique production processes and scheduling systems – making our work-flow impeccable and the results you get, outstanding!

Health and Sanitation: We don’t just meet industry standards, we exceed them!

Constant Development of the Best People: Thomas Edison said that every great institution is the lengthened shadow of its people. And our staff complement casts a long shadow indeed, in a combination of experience and talent – from chartered accountants in finance and administration; to production management with a lifetime of certifications, training and on-hand experience.

Meticulous Attention to Detail: For us there are no short-cuts – ever! In fact, there’s only the best way of action. And we go beyond the norm.

  1. All our kebabs, for example, are vacuum sealed with their basting during preparation, so they come out rich, juicy and succulent when they’re grilled.
  2. We give special attention to the decoration and look of our platters – garnished and finished in a way that’s as eye-catching as it is delicious – and we can create high-end product presentations with elements like three-tiered stands on request.
  3. We use home-made recipes and often undertake hours of experimentation to perfect a recipe or create a new one.
  4. We’re always adding new and interesting varieties to our product mix.
  5. We’re open to new and unusual catering requests – our kitchen facilities are brilliant! And if we can, we will!

We don’t just love our work, we’re passionate about it! Our zest for food preparation we have learnt from our mothers. It’s what our earliest memories are made of; and we promise you, you’ll taste it! We really are the better platter.