At Underwraps our core business is providing the finest selection of sweet and savoury platters for all occasions to the corporate entertainment and special events sector; and for any and all functions where outside catering is needed – be they business, entertainment or personal. And to continually go beyond our best!

Underwraps Caterers CC is founded on the principle that we earn our reputation through performance. And since we are in the business of platter provision, our proof is literally in the eating – through a carefully designed platter selection that’s freshly produced, promptly delivered, beautifully presented and created with style.

We are a South African business committed to making a lasting contribution to our industry and the broader socio-economic environment. Our ownership structure is BEE compliant.

More than anything, our responsibility is giving you the very best-through a strong quality focus with a powerful creative flair…in a varied and interesting product selection created with the latest processes and methodologies in a spotless environment using a proficient and strongly experienced team and delivered in time, on time, every time, all the time.